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Congratulations to the

WCPEC Award Winner!

The International Advisory Committee for the WCPEC has decided to establish the WCPEC Award for advancement of photovoltaic science and technology on occasion of the 8th World Conference on Photovoltaic Energy Conversion with co-sponsorship of the IEEE Electron Device Society, European Commission and the PVSEC Advisory Committee, Japan.

According to nominations, the recipient was selected by the WCPEC Award Sub-Committee which is organized by 24 active members selected from the three societies of IEEE PVSC, EU-PVSEC and PVSEC.

Prof. Martin Green

University New South Wales, Australia

The WCPEC Award 2022 will be presented to:

Professor Martin Green

For his outstanding contributions to advancement of photovoltaic science and technology.

Prof. Green is a Scientia Professor of the University New South Wales, Australia. His major contributions to the photovoltaics are listed below.

1. Important recognized contributions to new PV device development, specifically in collaboration with colleagues, the development of PERC cells which are now completely dominant commercially; also, co-invention of “buried-contact” cells, commercially, highest efficiency for most of the 1990s.

2. Internationally recognized contributions to PV industry and sector development, specifically by improving certified efficiencies of silicon cells by >50% (relative) since 1983, from 16.5% to 25%, via 18 successive improvements; also, by training the scientists/engineers triggering the last decade’s dramatic cost reductions by establishing Asian manufacturing.

3. Outstanding PV technology/deployment leadership with an important vision on development of PV and the global PV sector in the coming decades by his textbooks and by establishing, with the late Stuart Wenham, the world’s first undergraduate degree in PV Engineering in 2000 (now catering for 600 students/year, many international).

Prof. Green’s awards include the 1991 IEEE William R. Cherry Award, the 1995 IEEE J.J. Ebers Award, Right Livelihood Award (also known as “The Alternative Nobel Prize”) in 2002, the 2009 ENI Award: The Renewable and Non-Conventional Energy Prize, the 2018 Global Energy Prize, the 2021 PVSEC Award and the 2021 Japan Prize (IREG-0.66/Nobel Prize-1) for “development of high-efficiency silicon photovoltaic devices”.

Masafumi Yamaguchi, Larry Kazmerski and Wim Sinke
Co-Chairs of the WCPEC Award Sub-Committee