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The WCPEC-8 is hosted by


European Photovoltaic Solar Energy
Conference and Exhibition

The EU PVSEC is proud to have the World Conference back in Europe and host the 8th edition of this event, bringing together the global PV community in the beautiful city of Milan. We want to invite you to come and join us at this year’s truly global event.

The innovation platform for the global PV solar sector

The EU PVSEC is the world's leading forum for PV Research and Development and the biggest Conference on PV Solar Energy. With a history of over 40 years, EU PVSEC is the longest running, renowned PV conference in the world.

The conference programme is coordinated by the European Commission Joint Research Centre and covers the entire range of PV research, technologies and applications focusing on bringing the latest scientific and technological research trends to the market.

But it also offers a variety of broader insights into the current developments in the sector, acknowledging that PV integration needs to be approached from all dimensions – scientific, technical, economic, political, business, and also social- and educational aspects.

The annual exhibition serves to promote the encounter between the major research centres and manufacturing companies, bringing the brand new research findings to the right market players for implementation.

The EU PVSEC is a meeting place for PV experts worldwide, offering a program that provides an overview and insights beyond one's own field and ensures that topics that yield an interface between sectors and fields can be addressed explicitly.

As the “new king of electricity” solar power has a key role to play in the energy transition and the EU PVSEC is THE place to discuss the photovoltaic (r)evolution.

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