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WCPEC-8 Student Awards

To encourage high-quality work amongst young researchers, on the occasion of the WCPEC-8, the WCPEC Student Awards will be delivered in recognition of the most remarkable and outstanding research work in the field of PV.

Applications for the WCPEC Student Awards were reviewed and scored by the international Scientific Committee, made up of more than 250 leading research and industry experts from the global PV community.

The prizes will awarded during the Conference.

Meet the WCPEC-8 Student Awards Candidates

Make sure not to miss the Student Award candidates presentations!

Clara Rittmann
Fraunhofer ISE, Germany


Epitaxially Grown p-Type Silicon Wafers Ready for Cell Efficiencies Exceeding 25 %

Koki Ide
Meiji University, Japan


Evaluation of the Effect of Surface Structure on Flexibility of Si Wafers for Flexible c-Si Solar Cells

Ezgi Genç
EPFL, Switzerland


nc-SiC Layers by PECVD for High Temperature Passivating Contacts

Yifeng Zhao
Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands


Effects of (i)a-Si:H Deposition Temperature on High-Efficiency Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells for High-Efficiency Four-Terminal Tandem Solar Cells

Shuai Nie
UNSW, Australia


Photoluminescence Imaging Using Non-Uniform Excitation: Recent Progress

Khoa Dang Nhat Nguyen
ANU, Australia

2BO.8 .1

Correlative Imaging of Optical Properties for Perovskite Materials in Single-Junction and Tandem Solar Cells

Krishanu Dey
University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

2BO.8 .4

Charge Transport in Mixed Metal Halide Perovskite Semiconductors

Shih-Chi Yang
EMPA, Switzerland


High Efficiency Bifacial (Ag,Cu)(In,Ga)Se2 Thin Film Solar Cells Grown at Low Temperature

Devika Rajagopal
imec, Belgium


Advanced Sub-Micron Pyramidal Texturing for Silicon Bottom Cell for Perovskite-Silicon Tandem Application

Sho Aonuki, University of Tsukuba, Japan


The first Operation of P-Ion-Implanted n-BaSi2/p-Si Solar Cells   

Philipp Kunze
Fraunhofer ISE, Germany


Contactless Inline IV-Measurement of Solar Cells Using an Empirical Model  

Alexander Stauffenberg
Fraunhofer IMWS, Germany


Influence of Production Processes on PID-s Sensitivity of c-Si Modules and Novel Mitigation Strategies

Anastasios Kladas
KU Leuven, Belgium


Deep Learning Temperature Estimation Model for PV Modules

Alba Alcañiz
Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands


Effect of Climate on Photovoltaic Yield Prediction Using Machine Learning Models

Eduardo Abdon Sarquis Filho
ENMOVA, Germany


Development and Evaluation of an Automatic Failure Detection System for O&M of PV Portfolios

Isadora Pauli Custódio
UFSC, Brazil


The Art and Science of Integrating Photovoltaics in the Built Environment

Min Hsian Saw
NUS, Singapore


Design of "hotspot-free" BIPV Modules - Peranakan PV

Konstantin Ilgen
Fraunhofer ISE, Germany


The Impact of Floating Solar Power Plants on the Water Quality of Quarry Lakes

Verity Tan
UNSW, Australia


Estimating the Lifetime of Solar Photovoltaic Modules in Australia

Si Ying Lee
NUS, Singapore


Assessment of Consumers’ Willingness to Pay for Solar-Powered Bus Rides

The Student Awards are supported by Oxford PV

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