- Monday 26 September 2022, 13:30 - 18:30 -

Industry Summit Programme

PV Production

13:30 - 15:00

What are the real costs of PV? How much local PV production is needed? How fast can we set up xGW of necessary production in the EU? These are of the most important questions asked by European Commission to achieve independence from energy imports in the future. This session will target these important questions, including the stimulations required of the entire value chain starting with poly-Si. In addition, possible funding schemes and additional incentives for PV production will be summarized and discussed.

Chairs: Peter Fath (RCT solutions) and Radovan Kopecek (ISC Konstanz)
Jointly organised by the PV Industry Liaison Committee

  • The Italian PV case: David Moser (EURAC)
  • The real costs of PV: Michael Woodhouse (NREL)
  • How much local production is needed?: Johan Lindahl (ESMC)
  • Panel: David Moser (EURAC), Michael Woodhouse (NREL), Johan Lindahl (ESMC), Walburga Hemetsberger (SolarPower Europe), Julius Denafas (SoliTek/ValoeCell)

PV Deployment

15:15 - 16:45

What are the challenges for multi-TW deployment? Why are energy yields overestimated in the newest PV systems? What are the lessons learned from the last years of installations? The recent, ironically called, “Peter PAN files” are gaining some negative attention, due to being one of the reasons for systems yield overestimations. Additionally, degrading modules and inaccurate bifacial simulations programs are adding to this problem. This session will give a review as to where we are and what will be needed for a smooth PV deployment.

Chairs: Michael Woodhouse (NREL) and Joris Libal (ISC Kontanz)
Jointly organised by the PV Industry Liaison Committee

  • Failures in PV systems in US: Dana Olson (DNV)
  • Best practices of PV installations/deployment: Michael Schmela (SolarPower Europe)
  • New development in the modeling sector: Miguel Herrero Cangas (PV case)
  • Panel: Dana Olson (DNV), Michael Schmela (SolarPower Europe), Miguel Herrero Cangas (PV case), Elias Urrejola (ATAMOSTEC)

Quality, Testing and Standards

17:00 - 18:30

In order to enter a sustainable TW PV era quality, testing, and standards are key. What to do in order to make sure that we do not end up with 1 TW of modules to recall? And if we have to recall, where are the modules? How much does our scientific knowledge about reliability of PV components have to improve? Better reliability modelling? Do next-tech n-type technologies lead to new degradation mechanisms we need to identify and control? These are all critical questions that we need to tackle today in order to be able to answer them in the coming years.

Chair: Pierre Verlinden
Jointly organised by the PV Industry Liaison Committee

  • Challenges of testing advanced solar cell: Ron Sinton (Sinton Instruments)
  • Traceability: Jörg Müller (Q-cells)
    Module Reliability and Material Selection: Teresa Barnes (NREL)
  • Large Wafer and Large Modules: Yifeng Chen (Trina Solar Energy)
  • Panel: Ron Sinton (Sinton Instruments), Jörg Müller (Q-cells), Teresa Barnes (NREL), Yifeng Chen (Trina Solar Energy), Torsten Brammer (Wavelabs), Joerg Althaus (CEA)

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